Now on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

The world's first mobile live jam... now on the iPhone.

With Daisyphone you can co-create short loops of music with your friends in real-time simply by pressing on little dots to create and remove notes.

The real fun is the real-time co-creation of loops with other people and their iPhones across the net. Press the i button and then turn sharing on - there are ten loops that are shared across the world.

You'll be creating loops with friends and people you've never met. Each person has a different colour, and you can write messages around the edge.

Once you've finished your shared masterpiece you can save it to your iPhone by pressing on the central dot and dragging your loops around.

There are four kinds of sound represented by different shapes which you choose from the centre of the Daisy.

Developed by Nick Bryan-Kinns.




There are 2 versions:
Fully featured Daisyphone,
or DaisyphoneLite which is cut down, and free.


Where did it come from?

Dasiyphone is an ongoing research project funded in part by the EPSRC and focussing on the nature of mutual engagement in creative experiences.

Read more about the design and research behind Daisyphone.

Read the New Scientist article about it.

As featured on the BBC's World Service: Digital Planet (7 April 2009)


And in Java too...

Daisyphone started out as a web based Java app. You can still run it from the following links, but it seems much more suited to the iPhone.

Give it a go: Java single user or Java multi-user (with iPhones too!). Please note that it does take some time to download and start up.

You will need at least java 1.5. This is standard on Safari on Mac OS X. You will need to install it on Windows and Linux.

(c) 2002 - 2009, N. Bryan-Kinns



Where are people connecting from?






The world's first mobile shared drawing tool on the iPhone!

Make doodles online with other people in real time with your iPhone.

uDoodle lets you collectively create doodles with other iPhones and people across the web.

Different people have different colours, and there are 10 shared doodles to create with.

Press the 'i' button to turn on sharing and connect to other people. You can also change the thickness and transparency of your line and clear the content.

uDoodle is part of the Daisyphone family of collaborative apps.


Also check out Graffito, the latest member of the family.